Vanmark 2800

Vanmark 2800

Vanmark’s model 2820/2822 is the most efficient, high volume peeler/scrubber/washer on the market and is ideal for today’s food industry.

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This machine will handle thousands of pounds of root crops, vegetables or fruits. It is designed for high capacity, durability, and ruggedness for around-the-clock operation. The product enters the inlet chute and is cleaned or peeled by rollers which repeatedly contact and tumble the product until it exits the machine. The amount of material removed is fully controlled by a combination of roll type, roll speed and discharge gate settings.

2800-Peeler-Discharge gate

The revolutionary Natural Flow discharge gate is standard on model 2820 and optional on model 2822. An auger discharge system is standard on model 2822 and optional on model 2820.

Features include; sanitary shape, easy access to peeling chamber, virtually maintenance-free drive, clustered lubrication points, and Vanmark’s exclusive quick-change roll system.



Downtime and maintenance costs are kept to a minimum. A wide variety of abrasive, brush and other roll types specific to your application and processing needs are available. Integral spray bars, peeling chamber grids and an optional reversing roll help quickly remove peel waste and debris and increase efficiency.