Tenrit Carrot Peeler Solo Vario

Tenrit Carrot Peeler Solo Vario

The vegetable peeler TENRIT SOLO Vario peels cucumbers, carrots and other elongated vegetables with a diameter of 8 –20 mm or 20 – 65 mm and a minimum length of 100 mm.
This machine includes the TENRIT Solo A for asparagus.
The required user interface can be activated via the touchscreen.

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Tenrit Carrot Peeler Solo Vario | Feed tableThe product is placed in the machine via the feed table. Optionally, the machine can be provided with a V-belt. This enables the mechanical feeding of the vegetables. The vegetables are fed gently through the machine by 20 pendulous transport roller pairs and peeled at 8 peeling stations each consisting of 2 blades. The peeling stations are positioned so that the vegetables are completely peeled during transport through the machine. The blades and transport rollers are fitted with a quick-release system making it possible to easily change blades e.g. during cleaning. Peeling pressure can be adjusted individually. This ensures a minimum peel loss.


Tenrit Carrot Peeler Solo Vario | Quick Start Quick Start is activated using the touch screen. Peeling initiation, transport speed and peeling stations can all be adjusted individually.
Diameter: 8 – 45 mm and 20 – 65 mm
Length: min. 100 mm



 Tenrit Carrot Peeler Solo Vario | Peeling powerPeeling power:: ± 3.600 pieces/h
Peeling capacity (pieces/h): ± 180 – 500 kg/h
Peeling loss: ± 20 % *
* depending on the diameter of the vegetables and machine settings.