Spiral Cutter

Spiral Cutter

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This electric spiral cutting machine will allow you to cut various products in a spiral shape quickly and easily with beautiful shine.  The blade bench comes with various sizes comb blade, which comes out easily by pressing its left and right so you can clean up easily after usage.  Also, the motor can be removed so the whole machine can be washed.  It can be used to not only for making spirals on various products but can be used for garnish in salads.

Unit size:  430×180×205mm
Weight:  4.0kg
Maximum diameter for use:  130mm
Maximum length for use:  200mm
Process ability:  40 to 50 per hour.
Rated voltage:  100V
Rated wattage:  40W
Rated usage time:  30 minutes

Power usage:  230V Single Phase
Attachment:  Blade bench with 1.0mm comb blade, Blade bench with 2.5mm comb blade, Blade bench with 4mm comb blade, Blade bench with Tagliatelle comb blade, Spare blade (flat blade).