Sormac Onion Peeler USM-S100

Sormac Onion Peeler USM-S100

Onions are picked and singulated automatically. The positioning is done by hand. The onion peeling capacity is 100 onions per minute.

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The Sormac onion peeler USM-S100 combines easy operator use with good reliability. The operator has within reach a rotating, mounted display panel with all the important functions at their disposal. Also shown is important information like capacity, number of peeled onions, operating hours and malfunction identification. By means of a singulating chain, the onions are transported from the infeed hopper and positioned onto the flights of the transport chain. The operator places the onions in the right horizontal position. The rotating knife's top, tail and cutting arms make a horizontal cut around the onions. At the end of the conveying section, the onions are picked up with a double holding-arm system with rotating holders. This arm is fitted on a rotating structure.

During the rotating movement, the onion spins around its own axis, whereby a cut over the complete circumference is made. The depth of the cut is also adjustable. During the cutting air is blown into the cut to remove the skin. For adapting the machine to different onion diameters several adjustments are provided. These can mostly be made from outside, even during operation, by means of a handwheel. The Sormac air saving technique which is used in the USM-S100 takes care of low energy consumption in combination with a higher peeling quality.

The USM-S100 can peel onions with a diameter of 55 – 120 mm. For smaller and larger diameters adjusted executions can be supplied (see options).

Depending on diameter, shape and quality the USM-S100 onion peeler can handle up to 4.800 – 6.000 onions per hour, positioned by one person.