Sormac KP-60

Sormac KP-60

A superb knife peeling system for long shaped products such as carrots, salad cucumbers, etc. Totally dry peeling with low waste and a perfectly smooth product surface. Worldwide well-known carrot peeler.

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The knife peeler KP-60 is suitable for peeling long-shaped products such as carrots, salad cucumbers, white radish etc. The product to be peeled is placed on the infeed table and manually moved into the first pair of transport rollers, or onto the V-belt (option).

The machine is equipped with nine pairs of transport rollers, which convey the product horizontally through the peeling machine.

Pneumatic pressure holds the product in place as it is driven through the 8 knife holders, which are placed at different angles and peel the product on all sides along the circumference. The knife holders and the transport rollers are equipped with a quick-release system, which allows easy removal for replacement or cleaning etc. The pneumatic pressure to the rollers is fully adjustable to suit variations in product sizes, this is easily accessible on the control panel. The peeling waste is delivered through a waste chute beneath the machine.

Based on manual infeed approx. 2.000 – 2.500 pcs/hr. When using the V-belt (option) you can reach a capacity of approx. 4.500 – 5.000 pcs/hr