Kronen UVC Lock

Kronen UVC Lock

Reliable and safe surface disinfection of fruit and vegetable products and packaging materials

The UVC Lock has been developed in close cooperation with sterilAir® (CH-Weinfelden) for surface disinfection of fruit and vegetable products* as well as of packaging materials such as boxes, crates and tools etc.

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The UVC Lock is equipped with the latest UVC technology and is optimized in regards to hygiene, usability and easy maintenance.

Adequate sterility of products as well as packaging materials and storage boxes is one major requirement for the shelf life and hygiene of food and especially in the salads, vegetables and fruit processing industry.
UVC treatment with sterilAir® components disinfects in a highly effective, safe and reliable way: without heat, undesirable additives or residues and within very short times. Capacity: 400 pieces / h

*Use with food depends on the legislation in the country of the user.


Latest UVC technology of sterilAir®

The UVC Lock offers high throughput capacity and is highly efficient in killing germs. As a standard, it is equipped with 12 or 20 ET 2236-4H tubes. Optionally the UVC Lock is available with a range from 6 to 26 tubes and high-performance hybrid tubes.

Due to the efficient positioning of the UVC tubes an irradiation almost of the entire area is guaranteed. Short contact times within the UVC Lock allow deployment with heat-sensitive products, too.

Flexible application and monitoring

All materials with a size from 50 x 50 x 20 mm to 550 x 300 mm can be locked through gently. Optionally an adjustable speed control is available. A simple tube control is possible by using the inspection windows at the front and rear sides of the UVC Lock. Optionally each single UVC tube can be monitored via switch box. Group and individual data can be read out on a computer or mobile device.

Easy, safe operation

The fully encasing UVC Lock with hood cover is made of stainless steel and guarantees safe use of UVC radiation. A switch panel allows easy operation, there is no display panel necessary. Optionally a display is offered, which can be covered during the cleaning process.

Just as the staff at the infeed belt, the staff at the outfeed side also has the option to stop the UVC Lock‘s conveyor belt. The according to switch box can be installed flexibly at the wall in the high care.

Optimum, hygienic design

A perfectly designed interior and a base made of round tubes allows quick and easy cleaning and guarantee maximum hygiene. Optionally a base with castors is available as well (see picture).

The UVC Lock is equipped with a hood cover and a safety locking device ensuring the safe operation of the machine. The handholds, which the hood cover can be closed and locked with at the same time, are attached at an ergonomic distance.

Effective disinfection

The DNA of germs is destroyed by the UVC treatment, i.e. contact and smear infections can be prevented effectively.

The input of unwanted microorganisms into sensitive production areas is reduced. Thus, the shelf life of products is increased. Besides, The UVC Lock is ideally suited for the separation of two rooms, e.g. low and high care. It is also suitable for extreme application areas with wet cleaning and for all temperature ranges.

FDA approved

FDA ApprovedAll parts that are in contact with food are made of stainless steel or FDA approved plastic, i.e. all of the machines is FDA approved. FDA approval is documented in the manual supplied with the machine.