Kronen Spirello 150

Kronen Spirello 150

The new SPIRELLO 150 is fully in line with the veggie trend, as vegetable spaghetti are increasing in popularity among consumers. With the SPIRELLO 150, you are able to cut large quantities of vegetables in decorative spirals in a quick and clean way (such as carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, radishes, zucchini, celeriac etc.)

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With up to 680 revolutions per minute, the SPIRELLO 150 cuts vegetables within seconds into meter-long spirals, which optionally can be shortened with a length limit knife by interval switchings (7 levels).

The machine is equipped with removable magazines, one of which can be fitted with the raw product while the vegetable in the second magazine is processed. This means that the SPIRELLO 150 can be operated without interruption!

An optimal cutting result is achieved with variable speed control in 7 steps depending on the nature of the product.

The machine is featured with an automatic separation system between product and waste product. The SPIRELLO 150 scores with a very minimal amount of waste since the vegetable product are cut completely in spirals – except a small piece from the top.

In addition, we optionally offer a discharge conveyor for a fast and effective outfeed.