HERBORT Super Bean Cutter 012 (fully rebuilt)

HERBORT Super Bean Cutter 012 (fully rebuilt)

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General details:
1-dimen¬sio¬nal cut¬ting machine
Suitable for crosswise cutting of elongated products up to 200 mm long and with a maximum diameter of 25mm
304 stainless steel frame, feed hopper and discharge chute, with bead-blasted finish

Product handling:
Rotary feed hopper: overall diameter 2.000 mm, feed opening 1.800 mm

Electrical / Transmission:
Electrical 220/380 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase
1,1 kW SEW gear motor, 17 rpm.
Electrical control panel with soft start device

Knife protection system
A spring-loaded knife protection system is mounted to prevent important knife damage when foreign objects are introduced inside cutting chambers.

Cutting tools:
Several cut sizes are possible in multiples from 13 mm up to 52mm