FAM Lifis 2 / Slice

FAM Lifis 2 / Slice

A driven V-shaped conveyor belt guides the product towards the cutting wheel. The cutting wheel spins at high speed and the thin razor-sharp knives guarantee a perfect cut.  Additionally, the product cell structure remains protected, increasing the product shelf life considerably.

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Cutting Principle for Slices

The cutting size of your vegetables or fruit is determined by the combination of:

the type and speed of the cutting wheel;
the number of knives on the cutting wheel;
the speed of the conveyor belt.

Small 2D knives, positioned transversely on the cutting wheel, cut your leafy vegetables into small squares.

Cutting Principle for Squares

Extremely reliable performer for a very demanding high-capacity market
Top cut quality guaranteed by the Lifis cutting technology
Fully focused on superior sanitation, high machine safety and easy maintenance
Highly efficient machine design resulting in low maintenance and cleaning time
FAM Lifis.2 delivers a very competitive cost of ownership

Key Features:

The Lifis cutting technology delivers, even at the highest capacity, the best quality and yield of your cut product and will definitely increase its shelf-life.
The set of long, V-shaped conveyor belts results in a better product alignment and prevents the product from tumbling while it is fed into the cutting wheel, without being crushed by any hold-down belt.
The high speed of the knives produces uniform slices with a smooth surface and a minimum of breakage and ragged ends.
Variable frequency drives for both the slicing wheel and the conveyor belts offer precise speed control and maximum flexibility producing different cutting sizes.
A specially designed discharge chute gently decelerates the cut product, minimizing product damage. Its sloped surfaces prevent the accumulation of product residue.
The overlap belt side plating design reduces product accumulation below the conveyor belts.
The smooth and durable finish of the stainless steel slicing wheel and its support plate will reduce cleaning time.
Wash down stainless steel motors for even better cleanability.
Sloped plate work, rounded corners and a minimum of hex cap screws highly reduce varnish buildup.
The hinge-able discharge chute and side covers facilitate maintenance and cleaning.
Includes a new generation of stainless steel safety switches ensuring safe operation.
The trapped safety key to open the machine covers can only be removed from the control cabinet after all rotary parts have come to a complete stop.
The design of the conveyor belts, side covers and open V-belt section result in high accessibility and ensure a remarkable efficiency in maintenance and cleaning of the machine.
A unique quick-release system for the V-belts allows rapid belt replacement.
Sealed bearings for minimal maintenance and optimal performance. As daily lubrication is not required, the risk of product contamination is reduced to a minimum.
The control cabinet has 8 pre-settings for the speed of the belts and the cutting wheel, but this can also be programmed manually.


Cut shapes Flat slices, Halved slices, Stamps (rectangular slices)
Cut sizes Various cut sizes are possible from 2 mm up to 35 mm, for leafy
vegetables up to 80 mm. Additional cut sizes can be obtained by changing the number of knives on the cutting wheel and varying the conveyor belt speed.
Capacity Up to 9000 kg/h, depending on the product, cut size and condition.
Max. product diameter: 180 mm for hard products (whole or pre-cut) and up to approx. 220 mm for leafy vegetables (compressible).