FAM Hymaks / Slice / Strip / Dice

FAM Hymaks / Slice / Strip / Dice

The FAM Hymaks® is a pioneer in machine hygiene: it is certified by the American authorities and has obtained the USDA Dairy Equipment Acceptance certificate. Specially designed for the cheese and meat industry, it is the most hygienic high-capacity cutter available in today’s market.

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Accuracy & quality:

  • Very accurate slice thickness adjustment thanks to automatic calibration of the slicing gate
  • Speed adjustment by means of touch screen
  • The very uniform cutting result with a minimum of product waste

Flexibility & user-friendliness:

  • Machine operation by means of touch screen
  • Cooked, chilled or frozen products up to -16 °C can be processed.
  • Large drum makes pre-cutting unnecessary


  • FAM Active Crash Protection System for protection of the transmission
  • Noise reduction thanks to the driving mechanism with timing belts
  • The striking power potential of 20.5 kW (27.5 HP) with two synchronized motors of 5.5 kW (7.5 HP) and 15 kW (20 HP)


  • FAM Hymaks obtained the USDA Dairy Equipment Acceptance certificate
  • Innovative 'single-piece design' of product drum and slicing gate without knife holder
  • No exposed bores, threads or bolts in the entire product contact area
  • Extremely low contact surface resistance
  • Lubricant contamination completely excluded
  • Sanitation-driven design of the slice thickness adjustment mechanism


  • Completely designed according to European CE safety directives: Machinery directive 2006/42/EC, Low voltage directive 2006/95/EC, EMC directive (electromagnetic compatibility) 2004/108/EC
  • Auxiliary tool available for safe mounting and demounting of crosscut and circular knife spindles.
  • Safety switches on all covers and doors prevent the FAM Hymaks from operating while one of its covers is still open.

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The infinitely adjustable slicing knife first cuts the product in slices. Next, the circular knives cut the slices into strips. Finally, the crosscut knife spindle cuts neat dices to the desired height. The combination of three cutting tools allows very high flexibility in the choice of cutting sizes and shapes. For the different applications, a wide variety of slicing knives, circular knives and crosscut knives are available for this cutting machine.

FAM hymaks - cheese cutting