FAM Flexifam 55

FAM Flexifam 55

  • The three-dimensional cutting operation results perfectly in an unmatched product uniformity
  • Food processors can flexibly switch between a variety of products and cut sizes, with a minimum of waste
  • The cutting tools do not require any further adjustment while installing
  • Highly effective quick release system on the spindles
  • Great flexibility and ease of operation, no special technical skills are required
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  • Great flexibility and ease of opUnique, simple and quick changeover system for the cutting spindles to switch over from one cut size to another in just minutes offering substantial savings in production time.
  • The drive zone and the product zone of the machine are completely separated. This allows quick and specific cleaning of the machine without any negative influences on its drive or electronics.
  • All food-grade stainless steel construction with hinged infeed and discharge chute for easy access to the cutting tools, the drum and the impeller.
  • The FAM Flexifam has a large drum of 505,00 mm in diameter, which allows elongated products such as carrots to be processed easily.
  • All stainless steel construction and sanitary design with no dead corners, sharp edges or projecting parts, effectively eliminating all dirt traps.
  • Insertable low-cost slicing knife available, easy to replace using the special auxiliary tool. The slicing knife holder does not have to be removed.
  • Heavy-duty cutting tools allow saving time and energy while maintaining low processing temperatures (down to depending on the application).
  • The circular knife spindle shaft can be hinged by a specially adapted excentric system. The operator needs only one key to hinge the circular knife assembly.
  • Thanks to the slice thickness adjustment gauge, the FAM Flexifam can easily and precisely be adjusted to the desired slice thickness.
  • The machine's lubrication piping has been brought together to a central access point outside the product zone.
  • The angled crosscut knives are assuring a nicer cutting result. The cut surface of the cut product is smoother. Cells are less damaged and the shelf life of the cut product is longer than if bolted straight knives were used.
Cutting Principle:

The products entering the FAM Flexifam 55 are cut in three dimensions by very sharp knives. The product is first to cut in slices to the thickness set manually by using the adjustment gauge. The second cut is made by fast rotating circular knives cutting it into strips. The strips produced by the circular knives are then fed directly into the crosscut knife spindle producing the third and final cut producing dice or rectangular pieces.

The special design of the discharge chute gently decelerates the cut product and minimizes possible product damage.

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