FAM Centris Cutter

FAM Centris Cutter

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  • FAM Centris 315 is the new reference for perfect cut quality in the different cuts
  • The lightweight stainless steel cutting head (patent pending) radically improves centrifugal slicing and shredding
  • Ergonomically designed machine and sub-frame for hand-batch feeding by the machine operator
  • Food and operator safety is a priority for FAM Centris 315
  • Speed and flexibility comes at attractive prices for the machine, cutting heads and knives
Key Features
  • The extremely precise centrifugal cutting principle with new and innovative patent-pending cutting head technology.
  • The razor-sharp knives and new, innovative cutting head technology ensure perfect cut quality, long-lasting accuracy and a very low waste ratio.
  • The 100% stainless steel cutting head has a weight of 8 kg and a reduced amount of parts which improves clean-ability and simplifies assembly considerably.
  • Rigid, seamless welded frame with no flat surfaces. A limited number of bolts were used and no exposed threads.
  • Large in-feed provides uniform product flow to the cutting head and avoids overloading of the head.
  • A trapped key interlocking safety system prevents access to the cutting area during machine operation.
  • Operator-friendly machine in-feed, designed for hand-batch feeding and good working conditions for the machine operator.
  • Modular open sub-frame without dead corners that is fully power-wash appropriate and lightweight.
  • The alignment platform for the sub-frame can hold a wide range of discharge containers with multiple heights.
  • Heavy-duty cassette-style spindle, easily removable for inspection. Lifetime greased and sealed roller bearings.
  • Electrical control of the machine is start-stop without programming or readouts in order to meet simplicity.
  • Designed according to CE, FDA and HACCP regulations. The drive, product and electronics zone of the machine are completely separated.
Cutting Principle

 FAM Centris Cutter | Cutting Principle

The product is fed through the in-feed chute and enters into the cutting compartments of the rotating impeller (*). There, it is held against the inner surface of the cutting head assembly (*) by centrifugal force.

The cutting head assembly (*) consists of twelve individual stationary cutting stations. Slices or shreds are produced as the product passes each knife in a smooth and uninterrupted manner. Length is controlled by the input product size. The cut product is collected through the central discharge.

The interchangeable cutting heads (*) offer flexibility in all cuts and shapes with a variety of products such as flat, crinkle cut and V-shaped slices as well as V-shaped, oval, julienne and wide ribbon-cut strips.

(*) patent-pending impeller and patent-pending cutting head assembly


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