Eptech Baton Cutter

Eptech Baton Cutter

The machine is very easy to operate, carrots are manually fed into the receiving holes in the turret wheel and the carrot is aligned for topping and slicing by an alignment plate mounted behind the turret wheel.   The turret wheel rotates at one hole every second.

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The carrot is first topped, tailed and sliced into the set length. In the next stage of the process, the carrot is aligned with the cutting grid and it is then pressed through the grid to give a carrot baton of the desired length and cross-section size.

Turret Wheel

The turret wheels are available in different hole sizes and section sizes. The indexing holes can be 40, 50 or 60 mm in diameter, depending on the grade of the carrot being used.

The wheel sections are dependent on the length of baton required. For example, if you require a baton length of 40 mm you would have a three-section wheel giving three 40 mm sections.   For 50 mm length batons you would have a three-section wheel, and two sections for 60 mm long batons and for 75 mm long batons.

Cutting Grids

Grids are available in a range of sizes, including 5.5 mm, 8.5mm and 10mm

Eptech Baton Cutter Specs