Boema Steam Peeler

Boema Steam Peeler

Steam pressure peeling plant for tubers (as potatoes and carrots) and fruits (peaches, etc.).

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Available in different models

– Steam Peeler SPB 25   (production up to 3 ton/h)

– Steam Peeler SPB 45    (production up to 6 ton/h)

– Steam Peeler SPB 55    (production up to 9 ton/h)

– Steam Peeler SPB 65    (production up to 16 ton/h)

– Steam Peeler SPB 75    (production up to 22 ton/h)

Boema steam peelers mod. SPB work in batches and its cycle is divided as follows:

1) PRODUCT LOADING: The product, previously loaded into the above hopper (which can be equipped with load cells to uniform batches) is transferred to the peeler container in which the internal basket rotates to facilitate the proper distribution of the product.

2) AIR EXPULSION: the steam injection begins during the loading phase through an injector placed at the bottom of the container. Thanks to the continuous rotation of the inner basket, the air is ejected very quickly (a few seconds) and the continuous moving of the product also avoids the formation of air bubbles trapped inside the container.

3) CONTAINER CLOSURE AND STEAM INJECTION: once closed the security door, the container rotates to the horizontal position; meanwhile pressure is injected through the manifold located inside the main power rotation support of the container. The internal basket continues to rotate for a uniform distribution of steam between the product. In the meantime, the loading of the above hopper for the next cycle begins.

4) PEELING AND PREPARATION FOR NEXT CYCLE: once reached the desired steam pressure and kept for the pre-settled time, the peeling is due to the sudden depressurization of the container, which causes the outbreak of the skin. Even throughout this phase, the inner basket continues to rotate, playing the dual role of promoting the peel detachment and avoiding the immersion of some product in the condensation, collected on the bottom of the container, which would negate the depressurization effect on the product. Meanwhile, the upper hopper is ready for the next cycle.

5) CONDENSATION AND SKIN DRAIN, INTERNAL PRESSURE: the rotation of the entire peeler container enables also the unloading phase, which begins with a slight upward rotation of the container to facilitate the drainage of condensation and skins collected on the bottom. Then it rotates down for product discharge.

6) PRODUCT DISCHARGE: the discharge is speeded up by the continuous rotation of the inner basket, and at its conclusion, the container rotates back upward in the loading position for the next round of peeling.

The total peeling cycle duration varies depending on product and application, from the minimum of 50 seconds to peel IV range potatoes and carrots, up to 120 seconds in the case of “V range” products.


Strengths of Boema steam peelers mod. SPB are:

1) CONSUMPTION EFFICIENCY: thanks to better circulation and penetration of steam around the product, the SPB provides the same peeling yields, while working with a lower steam pressure than any other peelers;

2) YIELD QUALITY: the better steam diffusion around the product and its continuous handling inside the peeler favours a more uniform and complete peeling yield;

3) RELIABILITY: Boema steam peelers mod. SPB is made in series, following projects, which are the result of many years of experience, tested by heavy workloads for all applications.

The passion and commitment always pay for the efforts that Boema made in the designing and implementation of the steam peelers mod. SPB has borne great results convincing even the most sceptical clients.