Sormac Salad Washer Pulstar
  • Sormac Salad Washer Pulstar
  • Sormac Salad Washer Pulstar
  • Sormac Salad Washer Pulstar
  • Sormac Salad Washer Pulstar

Sormac Salad Washer Pulstar

Operating principle

The Pulstar washer has an integrated air injection system, enabling a thorough cleaning action without damaging the product. The quantity of air can be adjusted continuously, so that a stronger or softer turbulence in the washing water can be achieved. The air injection system is divided into two sections, which operate alternatively. This alternating operation of the sections creates a peristaltic movement of the product through the washer. The variable water flow of the frequency driven circulation pump in combination with the air injection switch/change frequency ensures that the product is transported through the washer and that the dwell time in the washer can be controlled accurately. Water and product can be separated on an out-feed belt (optional) on the out-feed side. The water is passed through an overflow tank and then flows to the pump tank. Loose particles are filtered out of the water using a static sieve. The outfeed belt can optionally be configured as a de-watering belt. This has one or more beaters and vacuum stations.

Scope of supply

washer with adjustable legs
water collection tank with mesh filter
water pump, ventilator and control equipmen 


  • water bypass
  • peristaltic system
  • fly catcher
  • rotating sieve in collection tank
  • automatic filling and draining
  • waterfall
  • spraybars above washer
  • fan that can be folded open
  • hygienic execution washer
  • cooling spiral in collection tank
  • control panel with frequency inverters
  • outfeed belt or de-watering belt

Product specification

The Pulstar washers are suitable for washing all kind of leafy vegetables that float in water.

Technical data Pulstar

 70 Pulstar100 Pulstar150 Pulstar
Voltage: 230 V, 50/60 Hz 230 V, 50/60 Hz 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (L): 5.990 mm 5.990 mm 5.990 mm
Dimensions (W): 1.735 mm 2.035 mm 2.535 mm
Dimensions (H): 1.880 mm 1.880 mm 1.880 mm
Volume: approx. 2.1 m3 approx. 3.5 m3 approx. 5.0 m3
Iceberg lettuce 1.200 kg/h 2.000 kg/h 3.000 kg/h
Spinach 900 kg/h 1.500 kg/h 2.250 kg/h
Baby leaf 600 kg/h 1.000 kg/h 1.500 kg/h

*A Pulstar 100 Compact configuration is also available. This is 2 metres shorter. **The capacities depend on the desired dwell time

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