FAM Yuran

FAM Yuran


  • Suited for cutting a variety of meat products from frozen-tempered product to chilled or even hot cooked product
  • High-performance for a range of vegetable applications like peppers, spinach and dried tomatoes
  • Quick changeover from one cut size to another
  • Integrated electrical control panel including a variable frequency controller for more flexibility and for increased capacity


  • Quick changeover from one cut size to another due to cutting tools with splined shafts. No wrenches or other tools are required.
  • Machine is completely manufactured in stainless steel 304 L. No bronze bushings are in contact with the product and no corrosion is possible.
  • Hand-pulled look is produced by a wide variety of cutting assemblies that tear cooked meat and poultry into fine shreds, medium shreds or coarse pull.
  • Wide range of knives, consisting of reinforced, serrated and unserrated knives, with a different thickness of 0,48 mm, 1,00 mm and 1,47 mm.
  • Integrated electrical control panel including a variable frequency controller for more flexibility in cutting sizes and for increased capacity.
  • Machine execution available in 4,00 kW or 7,50 kW motor power for heavy-duty applications.
  • Only one hinged cover to service the various areas of the machine such as cutting tools, feed belts, lubricating points.
  • Extra labyrinth sealing for the bearings of the spindles avoiding water or juice penetration. Contamination of the product by excessive lubrication is avoided.
  • The drive zone and the product zone of the machine are completely separated. This allows quick and specific cleaning of the machine.
  • Fast removal and re-installing of the feed belt without the need of adjustment, thanks to the quick tensioning system. Belt can be re-installed in either direction.
  • Safety switches prevent the FAM Yuran from operating while one of its covers or doors is still open.

Cutting Principle:

The product in its natural thickness is guided by the feedroll towards the circular knives. The circular knives cut the product in strips, after which the crosscut knife spindle cuts them into dices of the desired height.
Both the circular knife spindle and the crosscut knife spindle can be exchanged in one movement thanks to the FAM quick release system. This avoids the loss of precious production time when changing the cutting size. 

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Dices shred Strips


Cut shapes: Flat cut dices, strips, slices
Cut sizes: Various cut sizes possible: slices: from 1,5 mm up to 20 mm strips: from 3 mm up to 25 mm dices: from 4 mm up to 20 mm
Capacity: Up to 1500 kg/h
Max. product diameter: 135 mm

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