The FAM TS-1D crosscuts carrots, leek, celery, tomatoes, zucchini, courgettes, red beets, peppers, chicory, cucumbers, mushrooms, pickles, beans, potatoes and all kinds of lettuce varieties clean and uniform.

The interchangeable cutting wheels, enable the processor to change the cutting dimensions in just minutes.

  • Cut sizes: 0,8mm – 40mm (1/32″ 1/2″)
  • Capacity: 600 – 6.000kg/hour
  • Choice of cutting head

Accuracy & quality:

  • Driven or loose top belts available for perfect product enclosure and guiding
  • The slightly twisted knives of the cutting wheel guarantee a perfect cutting result.


Flexibility & user-friendliness:

  • An optional frequency drive sets the speed of the conveyor belts as well as the speed of the cutting wheel
  • Many cut shapes possible on a wide range of products
  • Optional circular knife can divide the product to be cut in halves prior to slicing
  • Optional spear cutter for segments and spear can replace the slicing wheel
  • Hinged discharge chute and easily removable covers give access to the product zone and the drive zone


  • The cutting machine can function without operator: with ideal feeding, full automatic, or feeding by shaker, conveyor belt


  • Drive zone and product zone of the machine are completely separated.
  • Bottom catch pan available for evacuation of waste and water to a central point.



  • Completely designed according to European CE safety directives: Machinery directive 2006/42/EC, Low voltage directive 2006/95/EC, EMC directive (electro magnetic compatibility) 2004/108/EC
  • Safety switches prevent the FAM TS-1D from operating while one of its covers or doors is still open.

A driven V-shaped conveyor belt guides the product towards the cutting wheel. The cutting wheel spins at high speed and the thin razor-sharp knives guarantee a perfect cut. Additionally, the product cell structure remains protected, increasing the product shelf life considerably.

The cutting size of your product is determined by the combination of:

  • the type and speed of the cutting wheel;
  • the number of knives on the cutting wheel;
  • the speed of the conveyor belt.


Small 2D-knives, positioned transversally on the cutting wheel, cut your leafy vegetables in small squares. To produce half moon cut slices, a circular knife can divide the product in halves prior to slicing. A spear cutter can cut the product in quarters.



Cut shapes: Flat cut, crinkle cut, julienne slices, halved slices
Cut sizes: Various cut sizes possible from 1,6 mm up to 40 mm
Capacity: Up to 6000 kg/h
Max. product diameter: 90 mm for hard products 110 mm for compressible products

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